FrontPoint Security Consumer Review

FrontPoint Security Review

I wanted to share my experience I had with FrontPoint Security. I don’t normally write reviews but I had such a good experience I felt compelled to write a review. First, my apartment was broken into a few years back and they left with about a $1,000 worth of my stuff. A stereo, tv and gaming console were a few items that they took. I had a good idea who did it too; my neighbor who lived in the apt downstairs. After the police arrived it was apparent that the neighbors did it but they couldn’t do anything. The officer said it’s not like CSI as they don’t take any DNA samples or do detailed investigation for such a petty crime. Anyways, when the wife and I began looking for a home I wanted to make sure we got a home security system because I don’t ever want that to happen again especially with a little one on the way.

FrontPoint Security Research

I started researching home security systems and who was the best out there. I came across quite a few review sites but I found to be the most informative. I didn’t know about anything about home security systems and what was available, but this site helped me decipher what’s what regarding home security equipment. I ended up visiting FrontPoint Security’s website since they were ranked #1 and filled out a form online. They called me back within 10 seconds it seemed. It was rather instantaneous. I spent some time talking to the sales rep and they pretty much confirmed everything I read on the home security systems reviews site I mentioned before. I was able to customize a system for my home. I finally ended up with a configuration that protected my first floor for intrusion as well as carbon monoxide and fire/smoke detectors on all floors.

Home Security Resources

This is the link to the website that offers the home security comparisons I found really useful.

Home Security Systems Reviews

I was planning on getting their basic plan but the middle of the road plan includes access from your iPhone or Android which I thought was pretty cool. Once I configured this after getting the system I setup an alert to tell me when the garage door is opened. This way I can tell when my wife is home and when my son gets home from school. I also can remotely disarm the security system from my phone which has come in handy a few times. We built a new home so letting people in to fix a few issues has been really convenient.

FrontPoint Security Installation

The FrontPoint Security system was a breeze to install because it came preconfigured from FrontPoint Security. You basically peel and stick the door and window sensors and mount the control panel on the wall. It’s all wireless so the setup is not complicated. No drilling which was nice.

FrontPoint Security Equipement

I was thoroughly pleased with my experience with FrontPoint Security and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing a home security system. You can call them at 855-436-2406 or visit them online to get a free quote: FrontPoint Security.

FrontPoint Security Expert Review


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